Luckily in America..the election was just in time to swear in a man that will protect us from radical Islam; ALL ILLEGALS for that matter. Just imagine the nightmare if Hillary and Obama were to take in more ‘refugees’ over the next 4-8 years..just where would we be? It is horrifying to think about, especially after hearing the news Germany is in a state of emergency, as Illegals have officially taken over. This is what happens when libs take over a country. Told you so!

VIA| Isn’t it a bit late for this? Your country is overflowing with undocumented migrants and you have no idea who they are. Why do you think there’s been so many terrorist attacks? ISIS has set up shop in Germany and it’s there to stay.

This is EXACTLY why Trump said we need to STOP letting these people in until we know who they are!!


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