Muslim immigrants seek refuge and then commit crimes in their new locations.

Finland is known for having an open border policy and tolerance for any and all races and religions. Somalian’s have taken advantage of this country and some citizens have had enough. Video footage from one convenient store shows two different woman stand up to Somali men who try to walk out without paying.


In Finland, more and more cases of Finnish girls and women being raped by asylum seekers are being widely publicized. Much of Finnish society seems shocked, embarrassed and angry because of the increase in rapes perpetrated by asylum seekers.

Two young women in Finland appear to have had enough of the crimes being committed by Somali migrants and decide to take action. Security cameras captured these young women in separate acts, as they fight to prevent Somali migrants from boldly stealing from the stores where they’re employed as cashiers.

Watch Here:

Finland is a homogenous country that has roughly 5.5 million inhabitants, about 4% of which are foreign[1]. Twenty years ago, thousands of Somalis immigrated to Finland.

This is what happens when a government doesn’t stand for its people, eventually the people will stand for themselves.

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