Muslims aren’t only interested in escaping their war torn Homelands, everywhere they go power is the goal.

The Muslim brotherhood has managed to infiltrate the country and even place members into positions of authority in america. This infiltration has been a slow development as the brotherhood uses a tactic that has been seen in countries throughout the world. Electing Barack Obama was step one and now the election of Dr. Abdul El-Seyed in Michigan would be step two.

Via Freedom Daily:

32-year-old Dr. Abdul el-Sayed, who comes across as charismatic and friendly as any good politician. However, behind that facade, he has some pretty scary changes he plans to make to Michigan as the first Muslim Governor.

Freedom Daily previously reported about el-Sayed with what the country needs to know about him:

Just like Obama, he speaks without an accent and is charismatic; attributes that divert everyone’s attention away from the fact that he’s a Muslim with the full backing of the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization. If you think this sounds like Obama 2.0 you’d be 100% correct. He too hates Trump with a passion, saying that the president’s decisions “are at odds with deeply held American values.”

This Muslim Brotherhood is cunning and calculated in their every move, knowing exactly what they are doing as part of creeping sharia and Islamic control into the U.S. If el-Sayed wins this election, they will consider it a massive victory for more than just the political power.This is one huge talon they can dig into society and stake their claim

Freedom Daily previously reported that “federal agents discovered a dusty bundle of documents in the basement outlining the Muslim Brotherhoods’ secret 5-phase plan for taking down America. This was a closely-guarded secret until the FBI got their hands on this blueprint for taking down our country, authored by Muslim Brotherhood ringleader Yusuf al-Qaradwai.”

“It included a key tactic known as ‘Muruna,’ where Muslims are able to violate Sharia Law in order to convince Americans that they are just like us. Just like an Ebola virus, Muruna is extremely effective, as Muslims are now able to seamlessly integrate into every facet of our society, as they make their way into our public school systems, our federal and law enforcement agencies, and key positions within our government.”

“Muruna is the tactic that both Barack Hussein Obama used to convince America he was just like us, and now the Muslim Brotherhood is employing the same tactic as they groom Abdul el-Sayed to take over as governor in Michigan. Sayed’s win in Michigan will be one more nail in America’s coffin, as we all know the Muslim Brotherhood’s true intentions for our country, which is a land completely ruled by Sharia Law.”

Muslims are looking for control not assimilation.


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