Facebook Just Sold Out To George Soros, Check Out What They’re Doing For Him

It looks like since the left couldn’t win The White House, they’ll have to go after something else. In their latest power-grab, libs are going after all conservative sites, blacklisting them and labeling them under fake news. They don’t want anyone knowing the truth. It is time for the American people to stand up and expose them.

VIA| This is really bad, guys. Remember how just the other day Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be sending Fake News checks to The International Fact Checking Network? Well, guess who their biggest funder is…

That’s right. That same Soros who gave Hillary Clinton $25 million for this election. However, the news gets worse. The other big funder of the group is Pierre Omidyar, the

However, the news gets worse. The other big funder of the group is Pierre Omidyar, the Ebay founder who “donated” $30 Million to the Clinton campaign and Foundation.

Basically, the people who will be deciding what news is real and what is not are a few liberal elites who also LOVE the Clintons.

Oh, and you are REALLY gonna love this. Can you believe that the people they have tasked with determining “Fake News” are none other than ABC News, Politico, Snopes and The Washington Post (The Same Washington Post that LIED about their competitors being Russian Plants).



Thank God that the conservatives are already fighting back, however, even that may not be enough. That’s why I’m calling on ALL Americans who believe in the 1st Amendment to call your Congressmen immediately and tell them to STOP FACEBOOK!

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What do you think of Facebook’s attempts to block “fake news’?