EPSTEIN ALIVE? British Journalist Claiming He Had PLASTIC SURGERY And ESCAPED!

Whenever the media announces a vague description of someone on the news that the police are trying to catch, it’s a little hard not to laugh.

Things like a red shirt or long hair are pretty easy things to fix. There was a fellow in the state I grew up in that they weren’t able to find on a murder charge for years because he had amazingly long hair when he did it and shaved his head immediately after.

It’s never out of the realm of possibility that someone like Jeffrey Epstein made his way out of all of this alive and is living on some island somewhere…

Months after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell, a British journalist now claims he has tracked down the sex offender who is now allegedly living in Cuba under a new identity.

Brook McAnnister, a British freelance journalist who made headlines earlier this year for revealing that Bill Clinton had been on Epstein’s private jet an impressive 27 times, now claims Epstein is alive and well on the island of Cuba.

Although Bill Clinton’s aides first officially denied the former president had any ties to the multimillionaire pedophile, McAnnister later also revealed that Epstein had 22 different phone numbers to reach Bill Clinton, including his personal cellphone.

Skepticism surrounding the official ruling of the sex offender’s suicide has been prevalent, even being publicly aired on Capitol Hill, but this is the first time evidence of Epstein still being alive has been put forth.

“It’s all a cover-up. CIA and MOSSAD are involved. He was running a highly sophisticated blackmailing operation with the help of several secret service organizations targeting the wealthiest people on this planet,” McAnnister told the Miami Reporter.

Posing as a fashion reporter, Brook McAnnister took several pictures of a man called Eduardo Mariano DeSalva, a self-proclaimed Argentinian investor who is seen here posing with top Israeli fashion executive and publicist, Doriana Wuntgerber.

“He assumes to be an Argentinian investor but he doesn’t talk a word of Spanish nor are there any traces of his business records in Argentina in the past decade,” McAnnister also added.
McAnnister followed several tips from an anonymous informant who was allegedly framed by Epstein in the past and which has led the journalist to many of his public revelations on the millionaire accused of sex-trafficking charges.

“Cuba is the perfect place to hide as there is no extradition treaty with the USA. Eduardo also lives in the mansion of Epstein’s former business partner and longtime friend, Ari Mizrahi, who is also believed to be deeply involved with the MOSSAD organization,” McAnnister stated.