It must be a boatload of pressure on President Trump to have to deal with the nonsense of impeachment while at the same time still trying to work hard to do good for the United States.

This is small in comparison, but several years ago I was working a fifty hour a week schedule (from home mind you) while trying to organize a move in between states for me and my family. The last month was particularly hard because there was no more time to put things off.

That being said, it is one of those things that if you compared it magnified is what President Trump is trying to do, he is working day and night while dealing with a whole other issue that would totally occupy any other person.

President Donald Trump announced earlier this month the United States and China agreed to a phase-one trade deal. President Trump added the announced tariffs scheduled for December 15 on Chinese goods had been called off.

This is a major success for President Trump. His naysayers said it would never happen and Trump would ruin the economy.

His critics were wrong.

On Tuesday, the final day of 2019, President Trump announced he will sign Phase One in the China trade deal on January 15th in the new year.

This is terrific news.

Despite the continued attacks on this American president he continues to set economic record after economic record!