One of the things that people need to understand is that the idea that vigilante justice ever works on any level is a bad idea.

This isn’t the old west, and you probably aren’t going to get thrown a parade for dying on some hill that only you can see.

People, wear the mask. At most, you’ll be inconvenienced for a little bit, at its least, you can pretend that it is Halloween. You don’t need to get violent.

Cody P. Hansen is the man facing a felony assault charge after police say he punched a disabled veteran during a confrontation that was caught on a surveillance camera in Kent, Washington. The incident was prompted by a dispute over masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the 72-year-old victim.

The victim, whose name was not released, told officers he had made a comment to Hansen’s girlfriend on July 18 because she was not wearing a mask in the hotel, Fox News reported. He said Hansen later returned to the lobby and punched him.

Inmate records show Hansen was arrested on August 8 and booked into the Spokane County Jail.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hansen Punched the Elderly Man 4 Times as He Sat in the Hotel Lobby With His Dog, Surveillance Video Shows

The confrontation on July 18 happened at the Red Lion Inn and Suites in Kent, Washington. Footage from the hotel’s surveillance camera, obtained by NBC affiliate KHQ-TV, shows the man now identified as Hansen standing over the elderly man in the lobby. The victim is sitting in a chair holding a cane with a dog sitting beneath him.

The video, which does not include audio, shows Hansen punch the older man four times in rapid succession. The victim responds after the first punch by attempting to swing his cane at Hansen. Hansen walks away as the dog, which had been restrained on a leash, follows him toward the hallway.

The surveillance camera did not capture any other people in the lobby at the time. Q13 Fox, citing detectives, reported that “Hansen left the hotel on foot and was later picked up by his girlfriend.”

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