This past Friday, a bombshell was dropped by ABC News when they made the announcement that shocked a great deal of people.

The news organization announced that Michael Flynn had admitted that he did indeed lie when he spoke to the FBI during Robert Mueller’s investigation into so called Russian collusion.

As it turns out, the story from ABC News as reported by Brian Ross was as genuine as a Get Well Soon card from a mortician.

Ross reported that Flynn has been lying as it came to having contact with the Russian Ambassador during President Trump’s campaign for President in 2016.

The actual truth is that Flynn had contact with that same Ambassador during the couple of months of transition between the Obama administration and when President Trump was sworn into office.

This is something that is completely and totally normal, not that much different from when the new owner of a company comes into meet with a management team while the previous owner is still waiting on the paperwork to be finalized.

The one singular problem, however, is that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI. That’s the thing with the FBI, if they want to bad enough they can get you on lying about eating an apple if you really ate a pear.

As if this whole thing could not possibly get any weirder, a Clinton appointed judge who heard and accepted Flynn’s guilty plea has curiously recused himself and Flynn will not face an Obama appointed judge for his sentencing…Strange….

Politico – President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, will face a different judge to be sentenced than the one who took Flynn’s guilty plea to a felony false statement charge last week, court records show.

It seems to me that those working from behind the shadows, string pullers as I like to call them, are doing everything that they can in order to upset the apple cart of the Trump administration.

The problem is, the Trump Administration has done everything by the book so all they are doing right now is passing time, wasting money and blowing a lot of hot air.

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