JUST IN: “Pit Bull” Attorney For Special Counsel Robert Mueller Attended Hillary’s Election Night Party

Folks, there may not be a single person left in the universe on Robert Mueller’s “Super Team” for the Trump-Russia Collusion case who isn’t in bed with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

(Author’s Note: Some of you read this while you are eating lunch, a light snack or drinking coffee. I humbly apologize for the mess you had to clean up when the words “in bed with Hillary Clinton” came across your eyes.)

Everyone who is anyone on the Mueller side of the President Trump witch hunt seems like they have some kind of close association with the Clintons.

It’s almost sickening the lack of impartiality that is on display here.  Look at it this way, the average jury trial is supposed to be composed of twelve people who don’t know the defendant at all.

Now, if a man was on trial for embezzlement and somehow one of the jurors happened to be a family member of a person who owned the company the prosecution is claiming he stole from they would throw the whole thing out and get someone else, right?

However, when it comes to liberal agendas and Donald Trump they are trying to stack the deck against him as much as possible.

They are nothing more than carnies that nail the milk bottles to the table so that you can never knock all of them down no matter how hard you throw the baseball.

Which leads to a report from the Wall Street Journal on Friday that an attorney for special counselor Robert Mueller attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City.

Well, for starters that makes another person that didn’t actually get to hear Hillary Clinton talk that night. I’ve had Amazon packages that took less time to deliver than it took that woman to concede the election; but I digress.

Andrew Weissmann’s appearance at what from all accounts was quit the rocking little hootenanny is one of the many signs pointing to an extremely troubling bias from the attorney who is described by many a Mueller’s personal pitbull.

He is one of the many Democratic donors who has been hired by Mueller, who happens to be a registered Republican. The special counsel’s “pittbull” donated somewhere around six thousand dollars to the campaigns of Obama and Hillary Clinton.