American military service a privilege not a right.

liberals continue to spread false information regarding Trump’s decision to reverse Obama’s transgender policies. Currently US news channels are reporting that this move will endanger American lives, transgenders have a right to serve openly, and the medical costs that will be paid for by taxpayers isn’t that much.

In order to set the record straight here are some legitimate facts regarding transgenders in the military.

Via Young Cons:

1. You have a right to serve in the military. As David French points out, the driving fallacy behind this belief is that serving in the military is the equivalent of “private employment” and “individual empowerment.” It’s not:

The military is different. You’re trying to forge men into a team, place them into the most stressful situations humanity has ever seen, and get them to perform under pressure. Oh, and in total war you need numbers. Lots of numbers — but without fracturing unit cohesion, coddling weakness, or taking on unacceptable risks.

2. Transgenderism is not a mental illness. The divide over this issue can be drilled down to whether or not one agrees with the premise that transgenderism connotes mental illness. The facts suggest that it is, as the medical term for transgenderism is gender dysphoria, per Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III). It was known as gender identity disorder prior to 2013.

Here are some statistics about transgenders, via Pardes Seleh:

Transgendered people are among the most susceptible to suicide in the country. A 2011 survey by the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) found 41% of transgender people had attempted suicide in the U.S., compared with the mere 4.6% average national attempted suicide rate. A survey by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America found 30% of U.S. veterans have considered suicide, and 45% said they know an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran who has attempted suicide.

3. The costs are minimal. Those against the ban have zeroed in on Trump’s justification for the ban that it would cause “tremendous medical costs” and state that the costs are actually minimal as the total costs would range from $2.4 million to $8.4 million, which is “0.005% to 0.017% of all Department of Defense health care spending,” per Axios.

Tucker Carlson goes on the defense and delivers some undeniable facts regarding transgenders.

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