Once again California will prove its officials are moronic at best.

California’s AG has officially sided with activists to separate California from the US permanently. Safe to say no one will lose sleep over the ‘lose.’

Via Young Cons:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is allowing representatives of the CalExit movement to pass their petitions.

If the CalExit activists can get the 585,000 signatures required, the measure will be placed on an upcoming ballot for state residents to vote on whether they want to quit the U.S.A. and become their own nation… or whatever they are trying to do this time.

The L.A.Times notes that this newest effort is a watered down version of the previous effort:

The proposal, scaled back from an initially more aggressive version, would direct California’s governor to negotiate more autonomy from the federal government, including potentially putting forward a ballot measure to declare independence.

The initiative wouldn’t necessarily result in California exiting the country, but could allow the state to be a “fully functioning sovereign and autonomous nation” within the U.S.

Removing California from the country seems like a beneficial move for everyone. They can keep their liberal lifestyle and funded it all by themselves.

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  1. Evans Evans

    I was born and still live in California. Fuck govoner moonbeam up his retarded snowflake ass! Can’t Trump stop this retarded horseshit? Last time a bunch of assholes tried to break away there was a civil war.


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