Senator Booker Demands FREE Medicare for EVERYONE, One Problem

ObamaCare ulterior motive revealed as Democrats Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders push for a single-payer healthcare system.

Basically a single-payer healthcare system means that any and all medical treatment will be covered by the American government and in order for that to be a reality the American taxpayers will be forced to contribute a higher percentage in order to cover millions who don’t even bother paying into the program because that would involve getting a job. The ObamaCare pledge of ‘you can keep your healthcare plan if you are happy with it’ was all a massive lie in order for the Democratic Party to push all insurance providers out of the picture so universal healthcare would seem like the only option left.

With Bernie Sanders presenting the call for a single-payer system, fellow Democrat Cory Booker has come out with this ridiculous endorsement.

Cory Booker


“I think the wall is a dead end, and I think that people in New Jersey know. Why would we spend billions of dollars to build a wall that even southern states congress people and senators know wouldn’t do anything to really add security to this country?” Booker said to NJTV News. “In a time when we should be building bridges not walls, building tunnels in this region, not walls.”

Under a single-payer system, the federal government covers medical expenses, which Booker supports.

“You should not be punished because you are working-class or poor and be denied health care. I think health care should be a right to all,” said Booker. “This is something that’s got to happen. Obamacare was a first step in advancing this country, but I won’t rest until every American has a basic security that comes with having access to affordable health care.”

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Obamacare architect, Johnathan Gruber, has now come out with the claim that a single-payer system was the underlying goal of ObamaCare from the start.

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