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During the Morning Show this week, Laura Ingraham had an impending announcement towards Republicans on tax reform.

She boldly told “Fox and Friends” how Republicans are going to have “hell to pay” if this year they abandon the tax reform.

Tax reform

She made it clear to Republicans that they have 3 months to get things figured out or they can start looking for a new job, with President Trump being the center of the conversation.

From conservativedailynews:

Laura Ingraham is set to take the 10 pm slot on Fox News and if her appearances on FNC shows Tuesday is any indication – the announcement is imminent.

She appeared on Fox & Friends and Brett Baier earlier Tuesday and is scheduled to appear on Hannity which looks like Fox’s producers want to enhance her visibility ahead of an official announcement.

On the morning show, Ingraham told “Fox & Friends” that Republicans would have “hell to pay” should they fail to pass tax reform this year.

On Brett’s evening show, Laura said that Republicans have 90 days to get things done or find another line of work. The conversation centered around Trump’s willingness to go across the aisle to accomplish the goals of working class families even if he has to turn to moderate Democrats to get it done.

Reported by insiderfoxnews:

Laura Ingraham warned congressional Republicans that there will be “hell to pay” in the 2018 primaries if they fail on tax reform.

Congressmen’s jobs will be on the line if they “see this opportunity and punt it,” Ingraham told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“The nation rejected the old ways of Washington in November,” she commented, adding that the old rules “haven’t served the working people well.”

President Donald Trump last week supported a budget plan by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that included hurricane relief funding. Trump said he hoped for a speedy passage of the bill to fund repair efforts after the recent storms. 

Pelosi and Schumer have “said the most hateful things” in the past about President Trump, Ingraham remarked.

“Donald Trump, I think, looked at the pieces on the chess board and he said, ‘What move can I make?,'” Ingraham said, adding that his decision was “the best move I think he could make.”

“If they’re not willing to learn, if they’re not willing to listen, then they need to go on and do something else with their lives.”

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