China has been manipulating US mainstream media, well it’s no surprise anymore. In fact, China has been paying US mainstream media outlets to publish Chicom propaganda.

Last week, according to InfoWars reports, China is paying US companies to push their Chicom propaganda through the China Daily.

Full report from InfoWars:

China Daily, a Chinese state-run media outlet, is currently paying multiple U.S. news agencies millions of dollars to publish Chicom propaganda.

According to Justice Department documents, Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Foreign Policy magazine are all currently receiving money from the Chinese outlet.

View it here: Justice Department documents

For example, as part of a $700,000 advertising campaign paid for by China Daily, Time published 75 online articles from the outletin the past year.

The lucrative deal resulted in Time posting content promoting a Chinese drone maker that provided products to surveil Uyghurs being held captive, an article promoting China’s five-year plan, and several other pro-China pieces.

However, unlike The Wall Street Journal who once took money from China Daily, Time magazine failed to disclose the fact that the outlet is funded by the Chinese government.

In the past six months, China Daily increased its advertising spending by over one million dollars.

Below is the DOJ document related to China’s payments to US media outlets:

View it here: 3457 Supplemental Statement/Scribd

We’ve observed over the past few years how American media has pushed Chicom propaganda.

A year ago we reported how US media was pushing the narrative that COVID-19 came from a wet market. This was important to China. If COVID-19 was an event that happened naturally then China could claim they were a victim too. If created in a lab, then China is liable for trillions in damages.

Meanwhile, CNN pushed Chinese propaganda that China was doing so much better with their COVID-19 than the US.

Of course, who could forget Rep. Swalwell repeating in the media the lie that Trump was a pawn of Russia while Swalwell was having an affair with a Chinese spy?

Unfortunately, the US media and many US politicians have stronger commitments to China than the US.

Sources: TheGateWayPundit, InfoWars, Free Beacon

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