Collateral Damage is the new definition for Coronavirus deaths in the United States.

The results of hydroxychloroquine in curing the COVID-19 virus have been extensively covered by the Gateway Pundit during the last year.

Dr. Tony Fauci and the medical elites collaborated to limit the use of this highly successful medicine, which we knew about and reported on.

Dr. Fauci utilized fake studies to invalidate HCQ as a coronavirus treatment, as we previously reported.

Dr. Fauci recently used a previously published study to disprove the use of hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment for those infected with the China coronavirus. However, expert analysis of the research reveals that the study proves that hydroxychloroquine saves lives, not the other way around.

As seen in our previous reporting, there is proof that Dr. Fauci and other top US medical experts plotted to disqualify hydroxychloroquine using plainly bogus facts and that MILLIONS of people died as a result of their actions.

According to a new study published in June on medRxiv, using weight-adjusted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM) appears to be related with a more than 100 percent increase in survival, with no evident link to ECG abnormalities.

This was pointed out by President Trump in March of 2020.

The HCQ and AZM combo was actually suggested by Trump a year ago!

Dr. Fauci, the media, far-left tech behemoths, and Democrats, on the other hand, criticized him and challenged his treatment.

Anyone who advocated for this successful treatment was barred, banned, and mocked.

They filtered, barred, and banned Gateway Pundit reports on the treatment’s success.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans died as a result.

Indeed, collateral damage.

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