Chick Pepper Sprays GRIZZLY – Quickly Learns Her Lesson

How is it that some adults never learn how to talk like a grown up?

Baby talk when speaking to a very small child is acceptable, but having that voice as your normal conversation voice is obnoxious. Such is the case with this woman who used her annoying voice and pepper spray to mess with the wrong bear.

Via Clash Daily:

Is that her REAL voice, or does she think that baby-talk is going to help her with a freaking BEAR?

The really amazing thing is — since this makes her look like such an idiot — is that she filmed it herself. That means SHE must be the one who made the clip go public.

She talks to it like it actually understands her. She threatens, reasons, argues, begs, accuses, complains.

The shrill voice. The irrational interactions. The crying. Is she running for a position within the Democrats? She’d fit right in!

Watch Here:

Wow that was hard to even watch with the volume on. How annoying!