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Hollywood is looking more and more like they are selling their souls to the devil.

There is a big list of idiots who turned down our patriotic President- elect’s inauguration to attend a safe space instead. It’s time to boycott them. Here you go:

VIA| There are plenty of celebrities who are willing to be patriotic, so long as the Democrats are in charge. When it’s the GOP, not so much. That’s why we’ve heard plenty about celebs who are boycotting performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies.

The GOP has been striking back, though, with NBC News reporting that Bristol Palin has gone as far as to call the biased celebs “sissies” in a blog post.

Courtesy of The Daily Caller, here are eight celebs who have turned Trump down. Is your favorite celeb among them?

Her heart will go on, apparently, just so long as Trump’s not the president. While invited to perform, TMZ reports that Dion chose not to perform because she had a scheduled concert in Las Vegas. The Canadian-born singer apparently felt that apparently performing there was more important than performing for the newly elected president.

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