America is Blown Away after Trump Walks Off Stage During his Speech and does the Unthinkable

President Donald Trump took a moment out of his speech on Hispanic Heritage Month to do something no one was expecting.

As he began speaking, he stopped because he was told that someone worth his praise was in the crowd.

The great Medal of Honor is the most prestigious military award any service member can receive and it is given to someone who can demonstrate acts of valor.

President Trump noted in his speech that 60 Hispanic Americans have been given this award, and he made sure to shake the hand of a Medal of Honor recipient in the crowd.

The President walked off the stage and stood directly in front of the medal of honor recipient.

“Do you mind if I shake hands? I’ll interrupt our speech. I want to shake hands with somebody,” the president asked when someone alerted him of the decorated military veteran in the crowd, who has not been identified.

After greeting him, the president said, “That’s the big deal, thank you.”

From subjectpolitics: As Trump began speaking about Hispanic-American military members that had been awarded the medal of honor, someone in the crowd shouted that a Hispanic-American recipient of the medal of Honor was in the crowd.  What Trump did next is truly awesome. 

What Trump did RUINS the liberal narrative about the President being “racist” or “xenophobic.” 

You won’t see this on the news. He interrupted his speech, walked off stage down into the crowd to greet this hero as the entire crowd erupted in cheers! 

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