Some people will literally threaten children and think nothing of it. Despicable.

Recently one young girl from Discover Bay, California, Jasmine LaRoche, was the victim of a cruel adult threatening to call the police on her. Why you ask? For having and operating a lemonade stand without the proper business permits. To the complete dismay of the young girl who had only set the stand up 10 minutes prior and to the complete outrage of her father. Richard LaRoche decided to use social media in order to call out the coward who would do such a thing and his post went viral!

Not only should that man be ashamed of himself but he was clearly wrong about police involvement in the situation.

Via IJR:

Richard LaRoche said a man threatened to call the police on his daughter because she was running the lemonade stand without a business permit. Fortunately for all involved, sanity prevailed.

LaRoche told the story in a Facebook post that has since gone viral:

Whoever the man (I wouldn’t call you that if I didn’t have to) was that threatened to call the police on my daughter for her lemonade stand, you are seriously pathetic.

We allowed her only one hour to go there.

Seriously, she was there for 10 minutes and you threatened her.

She is trying to do something constructive with her time and you hassled her for no good reason. Sorry if her ambition threatened you. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. I understand you are upholding the ‘law’ but really dude?

You’re the reason why kids lack ambition nowadays, fear caused by schmucks like you, you are a sad individual. She said you picked up your phone and said you were calling the police.

We all know you did that to intimidate her, just sad and pathetic.

After LaRoche’s post went viral his daughter reopened her lemonade stand and the response was not what the man who threatened her had in mind.

The girl reopened her lemonade stand days later and the entire community rallied around her — including the police that the man threatening to call to report her.

LaRoche told KTVU-TV that his daughter was busy for three ours and “ran out of cookies and had just enough lemonade.”

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