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When Tina Spangler began her simple cabin renovation, she should have known it would turn out to be anything but.

Two hours away from Manhattan lies Narrowsburg, New York and Luxton Lake, a picturesque location that would prove to be a worthy canvas for Spangler’s creative inspiration.

She first laid eyes on this 1950’s cabin back in 2004, after a bank foreclosure forced the current owner to move out.

Spangler decided to ditch the city life and head off to the mountains, seeking a simpler life among a far more relaxed population. But what she ended up building is cooler than anything even the most adventurous designer could dream up.

Spangler filled the home with various items that she had collected throughout her life, creating almost a museum to her travels and adventures.

On one floor lies a 1920’s linoleum rug, in the kitchen a 1930’s monitor-top refrigerator.

“When people decorate, it’s not from one particular year,” Spangler writes in a featured Etsy blog. “People hold onto things for decades, so I think that there’s no rules that it has to be from a certain decade or from a certain year.”

This methodology is clearly reflected in her choice of home decor, which appears a bit thrown together at first but reveals it’s beauty only after contemplation.

It’s the perfect representative of the artist who created it.

The home and surrounding area inspired Spangler to make her debut film, Lucky Lake. Perhaps the film will inspire you to examine the history of where you live as well! You never know what sort of interesting tidbits you could find.

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