Liberal activist cause more harm than good on a monumental scale.

An ‘animal rights’ activist group decided that a mink farm in Eden Valley, Minnesota was harming the minks and therefore the poor creatures needed to be set free. Set free in a climate and environment they are not designed for and therefore caused the deaths of at least 15,000 minks. What a fabulous way of helping out these poor defenseless creatures.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Thanks to the actions of ignorant animal rights activists, thousands of minks, a mammal whose fur is used to line luxury clothing items, have died.

Their needless deaths occurred after the unidentified activists released 38,000 of them from a farm in Eden Valley, Minnesota, between 10:30 pm Sunday evening and 5:30 am Monday morning, according to the St. Cloud Times.

Despite attempts by farmer Dan Lang to reel them back in, more than half of the minks perished.

“I’m so sick of crying,” the farmer added. “It’s unbelievable. For the first time in my life this morning, I didn’t want to be (in the barns) … I want to be by my animals, but I can’t bear to see what’s going on anymore.”

Unlike the activists, who only feigned to care about the welfare of those minks by engaging in their virtue-signaling stunt, Lang genuinely loved them. And now many of them are dead, as is possibly the farmer’s family business, which has incurred an estimated $750,000 loss because of what happened over the weekend.

Animal rights activists clearly aren’t all that bright if they don’t even bother researching what kind of conditions the animals need before just letting them all go.


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