On CSPAN, Mr. “Potato Head” Brian Stelter was humiliated in ways we never imagined.

Brian was pummeled by callers who tore him and CNN to shreds as he sat there, ready to welcome calls from his devoted supporters.

He had nowhere to run and hide while the hits just kept coming, it was great.

All Brian could do was sit there and accept it while swigging nervously from his drink.

This is what the callers said:

Caller 1: Brian, on national television admit that he and his network are a bunch of liars about Donald Trump.

Caller 2, Kevin, Princeton Indiana: Yea, uh, Mr Stelter is the biggest minister of misinformation I have ever heard and I’m a news junkie. You made the statement just a few minutes ago that he is, uh, the stories are always evolving. Yea, his stories absolutely evolved.

Brian Stelter: Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

Caller 3, Rick, Savannah Georgia: I was just wondering if you still feel like Michael Avenatti is the greatest thing in the world and should run for the President of the United States? And my suggestion is whatever CNN says, do the opposite and you’ll be fine.

Caller 4, Robert, Aurora Indiana: You know CNN is just something that’s a joke. It’s a joke. This guy tells more lies and Fox gives more news than CNN does in two years

Extremely harsh,

But well deserved.

Did Brian really believe this would go any other way after all the bogus news he and CNN have peddled?

In other news, Brian’s awful, low-rated show’s numbers have come out, and he’s lost 72 percent of his viewers.

With those abysmal ratings, how much longer can he be on the air?

Sources: waynedupree.com, c-span.org

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