The liberal elites accuse us of being “racists” for voting for President Trump.

According to them is because we’re not progressive, we’re bigots… After all, the Democrats are the only ones who know how to be diverse and inclusive, right?

Yet, we witness liberal elites behaving like racist hypocritical monsters on a regular basis.

The recent feast at Kamala’s home is an excellent example of this.

At Kamala’s recent luncheon banquet, which she hosted at her home, a savvy Trump supporter saw something extremely unusual. A table filled with next-to-no diversity…but Kamala did have diverse people at the banquet…

Waiters, cooks, and servants were among them.

Folks from online have their own response,

“Imagine her cackling all night. Those poor lilly-white souls…”

“We paid for this non diversified dinner”

“Just a reminder…she’s not black and her family owned slaves”

“Elizabeth Warren is the quentissential Native American”

“also, absolutely nothing bigoted about completely excluding men from the guest list”

“Why did she not invite one black person from the Democrats side? I mean, there are lots of black women in the party. Almost like they wanted people to think that this is still the way people treat black people! No, it’s the way @VP treats black people. She is vile for doing this.”

“Elizabeth Warren is there tho she’s a POC you can tell by her cheek bones”

“Naturally. She’s a fraud. She cheated and she’s not even an American.”

“This pic is worth a thousand words!”

“Kamala is as phony as the election was”

“the elites live by different rules than us peasants do”

Things with COVID, the elites did the same.

There are rules for thee, but well not for me… Only by voting these people out will we be able to put an end to this… The only way we can do it is to put an end to the Democrats’ cheating.



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