On Wednesday, the third and final recounts of the ballots were officially completed by the Arizona Audit.

It was a very meticulous process that was even made with multiple recounts to make sure that ballots will give the same number to eliminate doubts about the numbers of the final result.

Arizona State didn’t mention that there were pallets of votes were loaded into trucks and hauled back to the custody of Maricopa County earlier this morning. The said paper ballots, notably, included a very detailed chain of custody documentation.

The truck that received the pallets only took three hours to clear out the entire area where the ballots were located and left at 11:30.

According to Audit spokesman Randy Pullen:

They are on to the next phase of the process, putting together the final report, which is expected sometime in mid-August but could come as late as the end of the month. The entire process has been repeatedly delayed by partisan Maricopa county elections officials that have refused to cooperate and have attempted to obstruct auditors throughout the entire process.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has also refused to comply for months with subpoenas that require them to turn over routers and passwords that were used in the 2020 election. They are also required to provide the missing chain of custody documentation that was never delivered to the auditors.

This missing equipment and data are crucial to completing the final report. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann just issued two additional subpoenas earlier this week, one to Dominion Voting Systems and the other to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and COMMANDED that officials appear in front of the Senate if the materials aren’t produced by August 2nd.

Since the audit has started they already found a lot of discrepancies questionable acts by officials about the 2020 Election. The 74,000 ballots that were received back with no record of them ever being sent is only one of the discrepancies that the audit found and it also includes multiple voter registration violations; incorrect paper types; no folds or creases in some ballots; and duplicate ballots without matching serial numbers.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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