ALERT: Biden’s Choices For Cabinet Should Make You Want To VOMIT!

No matter what kind of a person you are, you simply cannot run a country alone and without advice.

I guarantee you, there are heads of large companies that go home and ask their wives for advice on things every now and then. We all need people to bounce ideas off of. That TV show you just got done watching? Sure, there might be one credited writer, but there were about six people that gave that person ideas.

Same thing with Presidents. The cabinet is an extremely important group of people and help shape how things are going to go. If Biden gets his way, we are all in for a really rough time.

One of the major concerns of a radically compromised candidate like Joe Biden taking office is the other radicals we plans on choosing to head up his cabinet.  In the last few years the Democrat party has moved so far to the left that is has become hard to distinguish them from the Bolsheviks.

With their supporters chanting slogans like ‘abolish the police’ and ‘no border, no walls, no USA at all,’ it starts to get scary when you consider this party will be executing the laws of the land.

Well, Fox News (who is slowly bleeding out from constant self inflicted gunshot wounds) is now reporting on who they are hearing is on the short list to run this country right into the ground for China.

“We’re going to be moving along in a consistent manner putting together our administration, the White House, reviewing who we’re going to pick for the Cabinet positions,” Biden told reporters on Tuesday. “I hope we’re able to be in a position to let people know, a least a couple, that we want before Thanksgiving.”

Rather that looking for the best suited people for the job, Biden has suggested that his decisions will largely hinge on the ethnic and gender identification traits of his fellow Democrats.

‘… Biden, who during the presidential primaries promised that his Cabinet “will look like the country,” is also under pressure to name the most diverse administration in the nation’s history.

Here’s a look at some of the names being bandied about for some of the top Cabinet positions in the upcoming Biden administration.’  Fox added.

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