A Trans Man And A Satanic Minister Met On A Dating App, Then It Got Weird…

In a bizarre turn of events, a transgender man got pregnant while on his transition after having a one-night stand with a man on a gay dating app.

28-year-old Ash Patrick Schade is a self-described minister of Satan, mental health worker, and Ph.D. student who had spent the last two years transitioning and taking testosterone and estrogen blockers when he discovered that he was pregnant in February 2020 after the dalliance.

Schade, who began his transition in 2018, said:

“I was going through a rough time from 2019 and 2020 and struggled with my mental health due to going through a divorce. I ended up going on Grindr hookups and accidentally fell pregnant.”

“It had never occurred to me that I could get pregnant whilst on testosterone and estrogen blockers, as it’s such a rare occurrence. It was a huge shock, but I fell in love with my bump and pushed through the pregnancy, despite struggling with the dysphoria and medical risks,” Schade  explained.

A month after finding out he was pregnant, he met his now-husband Jordan, 28.

Schade described that the pregnancy was difficult. Schade recalls medical staff was not well informed about his situation. Daughter Ronan was born in October 2020.

Schade further explained:

“Nobody wanted to take my case when I first found out I was pregnant, I was such a high-risk case, with a lot of potentials for the pregnancy to go awry.”

“I struggled with the pregnancy, especially with the pandemic. But once I was assigned a doctor, he worked with me to understand how I was feeling and what I was going through. When I went into labor, the team of medical staff had already been briefed on my situation and were amazing, until they were swapped out with different staff members later on. Seeing my hairy legs in the stirrups must have caught one of them off guard, as they said to me “maybe you should re-think your gender identity”.

He added, “It may sound counter-intuitive, but giving birth felt like one of the most masculine things I have done.”

Schade said that Jordan is very supportive during the whole process.

Schade said according to the U.K.’s Daily Star:

“[T]hroughout the whole thing I had the love of my husband Jordan supporting me throughout, he even cut Ronan’s cord, he’s been there every step of the way. I had all of my friends following my journey and checking in, as well as the support of the online gay and trans community and even the Satanic Temple of which I’m a member.”

Following his delivery, he had top surgery to remove his breasts and plans to have bottom surgery once he’s done having children.

The outlet reported that Schade said he’d long struggled with feeling like he was in the “wrong body” and even attended conversion therapy as a child.

“I hid my boobs and identified as a boy at school and went by Ash, and wore gothic dark clothes as a way to hide how I looked,” Schade said.

“Until one day, my mother, who does not wish to be named, sent me to school in a pink two-piece for picture day and my teacher loudly declared that I was actually a girl called Ashley. … I went from popular to a nobody overnight, with my then girlfriend’s mum calling my mom to ‘Keep that gay slur of a child away from my daughter.”

Schade said that he experienced a “really horrible childhood” and survived a suicide attempt from the “gender dysphoria and trauma” he endured.

The new parent said that he plans to tell his daughter all about his journey when she’s older.

“I want to be honest and open with Ronan the whole way, and explain to her that sometimes trans men can have babies,” he said. “I can explain to her how I am both her mom and her dad.”

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