As the U.S. has become a laughing stock for the last 8 years under Barack ‘Error’ Obama…patriots are anxious to see just how the President- elect will react to issues such as Illegal Immigration, ISIS, and nuclear war threats. Well, his most recent Tweet proves he is no push over, which is a nice change from what we’re used to. Find out what he just said about North Korea!

VIA| Everyone has been wondering how Trump will react to other countries trying to push around the United States as they have done over the last eight years.

When Trump sent this tweet out, he answered all their questions…

Simply put, Trump will no longer allow our enemies to make threats against We the People without serious repercussions.

North Korea is arguably the biggest threat we have to world peace right now

However, most leaders are side stepping the issue, and among them is Barack Obama.

Trump’s critics are telling everyone that his tweets are inflammatory and could lead to World War III, but I think only a moron would actually think that were true.

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