Joe Biden’s most egregious lies and the damage inflicted by his dishonesty are examined in this guest post from The Blue State Conservative.

#6: There is no border crisis, and the migrant influx occurs “every single, solitary year.” “There has been no change.”

Despite the fact that classifying a situation as a “crisis” is subjective, Biden and his administration’s claim is patently false because anyone with even a smidgeon of objectivity can see how awful things are at the border. Even NBC News, which is essentially part of the White House’s communications staff, acknowledges this, stating that illegal border crossings are at a 20-year high. There are children being held in the same facilities (‘cages’) as Presidents Trump and Obama, there are eight times more migrants being arrested currently than at any point throughout Trump’s presidency, and all of this is taking place amid a pandemic that the Administration is still attempting to promote as an issue. Biden and his associates are deceiving the public.

Any politician, especially a president, should be ashamed of themselves for shouting clear lies at their constituents, but the extent to which those lies inflict harm varies. And this one is really alarming.

The border situation can be divided into two separate and worrying situations. The first is the question of national security, which is the most visible. The more confusion there is at the border, the more probable it is that people who wish to harm us would infiltrate our country. The human impact is the second concern. We don’t want people unlawfully entering our country, but we also don’t want women and children dying and being raped on their journey here, whether they’re doing so illegally or not. It’s heinous, inexcusable, and wrong.

When Biden dismisses the events at the border as insignificant, and his complicit media backs him up by repeating his lies, he is laying the stage for major issues. He puts our entire country at risk of another terrorist attack, and he makes it easier for evil to win over women and children. It’s not humanitarian to be weak on the border, and it’s not noble to lie about it. It’s perilous.

#5: “I’ve had this crazy idea… [that] we are a democratic country… Unless you’re a dictator, there are some things you can’t accomplish by executive order. We live in a democracy. We need to come to an agreement.”

Parker: President Trump, like all people who engage with journalists and the public on a regular basis, has been accused of misrepresenting reality or making false claims. It was sometimes for political gain, and other times it was simply a blunder. The media portrayed these blunders as treasonous and destructive to democratic values, as well as disguised threats to the Constitution. (Somehow, while referring to Trump’s alleged disdain to the established document, the left could defend the Constitution with a straight face.)

Of course, if Trump had a surname like Obama or Biden, every speech he gave would have been regarded as gospel. Lies, you say? Falsehoods? Any challenge to the holy propriety must be motivated by racism or white supremacy. Joe Biden was asked about Trump’s use of executive orders in the second “debate.” The real answer to the question’s wording would have been, “Well, yes, Trump has used the power of executive order just like every other president before him. Next question?”

Instead, Biden stated that Trump was acting like a tyrant and dictator, in another of Stalin’s unfounded appeals to the stupid masses (Stalin’s useful fools). Never mind that he served as vice president under a man who declared that if he didn’t get his way, he would rely only on his pen. Isn’t it true, Obama/Biden, that consensus is for stupid and elections have consequences?

The statement was as dishonest, deceptive, and nasty as it could possibly be. Because so many people believed the Big Lie that Trump was a fascist, soundbites were easy to come by, but Biden’s history and current circumstances belie the claim that he is anything other than a tyrant. He set a record by signing over 40 executive orders in his first week. What was it about dictators again?

Sure, stirring up the base and preying on the less educated (to the tune of 80 million votes) is politically shrewd, but it is blatantly dishonest and detrimental. What was Trump’s most egregious falsehood during his presidency? I’ll wait patiently. Even before taking office, Joe Biden told a bogus narrative that was worse than anything said in the four years before him.

#4: Corporations and the wealthiest Americans must “begin paying their fair share.”

PF: According to the Tax Foundation, “the richest 50% of all taxpayers paid 97 percent of all individual income taxes in 2017, while the bottom 50% paid the remaining 3%.” Furthermore, “the richest 1% paid a higher share of individual income taxes (38.5%) than the bottom 90% combined (29.9%).” That split is, if anything, biased against the wealthy, not in their advantage. We have half of the country paying virtually no federal income tax, while the top 1% pay the great majority, and Biden and the left don’t think that’s substantial enough. Again, the term “fair” is subjective, but there’s no way to decide Biden is telling the truth based on the facts.

While it may be claimed that most politicians engage in such deceptions, Biden’s lies are particularly troubling in light of the current societal atmosphere. While much of the unrest in our country is concentrated on race, a significant percentage of it is centered on class. Biden’s and the Democrats’ rhetoric is class warfare, plain and simple. They attack the wealthy – unless those wealthy are from Hollywood or vote Democrat – and agitate folks with a complete falsehood.

Many pundits on both sides of the political divide are speculating that America may descend into civil war. While I don’t believe that situation is realistic, it’s difficult to dismiss the idea. And if we do go down that road, it will be more about economic class than color, gender, or any of the other inherent qualities and societal concerns that the left utilizes to divide us in its identity politics approach to dividing us. They’re socialists/communists who despise everyone who earns more money than they do.

The message from Biden and everyone else should be this: Don’t be envious of your wealthy neighbor; instead, congratulate them and work to reach their level. That is the American way of doing things, and it works. Biden’s divide-and-conquer strategy will only rip the social fabric of this country apart.

#3: President Biden inherited a “nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan.”

‘Parker,’ I say. There are some lies that are tolerated by the public because the majority of Americans are either too uninformed or too foolish to bother digging into the truth. You are about to name his stupid comment about masking, which I wrote about when I wrote about his executive order falsehood. People don’t mind when their person does something they enjoy, and the latter gets a pass because the indoctrinated followers agree totally in the science-free world of mask demands.

Making an assertion so widely known and experienced as to rule out the prospect of reconciliation between thinking people and brain-dead indoctrinees is a different beast entirely. Joe Biden and his whole administration, with the support of the American Pravda establishment, openly proclaimed upon taking office that they would create the whole vaccination delivery network from the ground up. Despite Operation Warp Speed laying the groundwork for medical miracles by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies, the military, the healthcare system, and everyone else, according to this narrative, the entire Trump team was just blindfolding itself and throwing darts at a map, hoping to make some vaccine plans stick somewhere on the North American continent.

Facts may be obstinate, and the facts surrounding vaccine research, rollout, and distribution are no exception. The country vaccinated about one million individuals on the day of Biden’s inauguration, with a seven-day moving average of roughly 900,000. Did these vaccines magically appear in people’s hands? Biden threw forward an ambitious idea to vaccinate 100 million Americans in a speech summarizing his first 100 days of combatting COVID. Of course, this implies that he could have kept Trump’s results even if he hadn’t done anything. In the attached article, an inconvenient graphic depicts how vaccination trends might develop with or without Biden’s intervention. Furthermore, until late February, the Johnson & Johnson poke was not approved for emergency usage. When this third choice became available, the chart showed a significant increase.

Joe Biden did nothing, and has done nothing for four months, to help or speed up distribution, no matter how much spin he put on it. Plans were already in motion when the Trump administration left office. His efforts, as well as others involved in the development and distribution, deserve full recognition. What about Joe Biden? He didn’t do anything.

#2: Masks are a “simple precaution to take that has a significant impact.” For God’s sake, it’s a patriotic responsibility.”

PF: Yes, Biden made this statement a few weeks ago, right before the CDC altered their mask rules, but it was still false at the time. There’s so much about this statement that’s false that deciding which part is the most ludicrous is difficult.

The evidence for the benefits of mask use is shaky at best, especially now that the pandemic is practically finished. States that had mask mandates fared worse than states that did not. The claim that wearing masks after half the country has been vaccinated will have a “profound impact” is unfounded and clearly incorrect. However, the notion that doing everything Joe Biden wants is somehow patriotic suggests that doing anything else is unpatriotic, which is ridiculous, upsetting, and incredibly provocative.

The idea of patriotism, though, is the most frightening component of Biden’s remarks. If you follow my instructions, you are a patriotic American; if you don’t, you are a traitor. He’s on a slick slope, and he needs to get off it as soon as possible. Millions of Americans did not vote for Biden, do not agree with his views, and believe that wearing masks at this time is foolish. This does not imply that they are unpatriotic.

#1: “It was a daylight murder that peeled the blinders off for the entire world to see the institutional bigotry… That is a stain on the soul of our country.”

Parker: Said the same night as Derek Chauvin’s three guilty convictions, this sixth Biden falsehood accuses the entire country — its past and present, its heroes and residents – of being built on and afflicted by racism. This is the Big Lie about America, if there ever was one.

Truth-based discourse would acknowledge that slavery was widespread at the time of America’s establishment and that, rather than perpetuating it, this great nation abolished it in less than a century. This fact alone should inspire all lovers of liberty and human dignity to rejoice at the several moral universes in which the United States finds itself. Instead, determined propagators of lies fool the masses in order to obtain political and cultural influence. Slavery of former humans was horrible, but it appears that enslaving modern brains, is fine, based on the frequency with which this deception is propagated.

In every sense, the horrible narratorial putrescence of institutional racism crumbles. One need just look at publicly available data to understand that no such structures exist that openly intend to destroy the black community legally, institutionally, or otherwise. There are more chances for anyone willing to work hard and apply themselves than anyplace else on the planet, as seen by the millions of affluent and successful black Americans.

When juxtaposed to the remarks of lead prosecutor and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Biden’s clear falsehood falls apart when it comes to the mistrial of Derek Chauvin. When questioned after the trial, he was asked about the role race played in George Floyd’s arrest and subsequent death. No “evidence that Derek Chauvin weighed in George Floyd‘s race as he did what he did,” said Ellison, who is no supporter of truth or a race-blind society. That is a genuine quotation.

So, while a legal team tasked with uncovering every shred of evidence that could lead to a conviction couldn’t discover any (none), Joe Biden was outright lying when he claimed that the selectively videotaped interaction tore the blinders off for the world to see our systemic racism, the trial as a whole avoided any reference of race. Despite the fact that the entire country rallied behind racial injustice and set fire to it for a whole summer, and despite Joe Biden’s declaration that our country is still torn apart by structural racism, the fact remains that this is a massive lie. We do not live in a racist country. It is malicious and treasonous deception to suggest otherwise.

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