Earlier in the year Kathy Griffin did something absolutely abhorrent when she posted for a picture with a fake severed head that was designed to look like President Trump.

She also recently made a video crying and moaning about how she had suddenly been blacklisted and she was now unable to work.

Which is really funny when you think about it because imagine if you will that you went into a diner at two in the morning and started trashing the place; it would be completely silly for you to not understand why you weren’t allowed in the place anymore.

What also makes her griping about this all the more insane is that she did this without even thinking about the fact that his son Barron would be watching.

She did it to herself.

In an interview with BBC’s “HARDtalk” on Sunday, she continued airing out her grievances and did not hold back from insulting Trump.

“So the outrage is faux, in my opinion, and I don’t have one single day of paid work ahead of me in my own country,” she said.

Shortly after the pictures were released, CNN let her go from its annual New Year’s Eve special, and many venues canceled Griffin’s upcoming shows.

“None of this outrage would have happened if Donald Trump didn’t get freaked out that a girl shamed him,” Griffin added. “That’s what this is about.”

She was also asked if she knew that she was crossing a line by posting the pictures, she admitted to that but tried to walk it back by saying that a comedian’s job is to cross lines. Sure, but to a point.

Not many people know this, but about six weeks after the 9/11 attack in 2001 George Carlin was set to do a live HBO special from New York City.

In the months building up to the show he had been preparing a set of material that included a big piece about disasters and and the whole special would be a build up to that particular part of the performance.

With six weeks to go, he could have still done that material. However, reading what was right and the decent thing to do; the man who at one time was considered the more irreverent comedian in comedy trashed ALL of the material he had spent months building for that special and reached into his emergency vault of material.

He effectively cobbled together a pretty darn good one hour special and didn’t do the stuff that would cut too deep because it was the right thing to do.

But Griffin doesn’t think it’s enough to cross a line, she’s more the type to blow the line up.

“I’m more of a patriot than any of those Nazi Trumps on a good day,” she said. “And yeah, I think our president’s a Nazi. I think that people should be very frightened. I think that there’s an actual Nazi — at least someone with Nazi leanings — in the White House.”

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