It is an indisputable fact as of right now that Doug Jones is the Senator elect from Alabama.

This election doesn’t exactly mean a checkmate like victory for the Democrats(less than one percent of the vote isn’t exactly an overwhelming amount) as much as it just shows that hyenas tracked down and managed to stalk the right prey.

For the next day or two, probably more, we will be hit in the face over and over with pundits and soundbites but there are some very simple lessons to be learned from this special election.

The left has an extremely powerful ally in the Washington Post. It’s quite strange that WaPo said absolutely nothing about Roy Moore’s past until the moment when it was strategically best for them.

Why did they not bring this up in the primary? Because they were picking their shots.

Had it not been for the smear campaign taken up against Roy Moore, Doug Jones wouldn’t have had a shot in hell. This was as dirty of a hit as you would ever see in any sporting event. This was not just a punch to the back of the head, but one where the fist had a chain wrapped around it.

Going forward, any GOP candidate must strategize against the “surprise” moment the left will employ in order to undermine them. It will never be centered on issues or policy, but rather they will do what they do best: demonize, just as Saul Alinsky has taught them in his Rules for Radicals.

It wasn’t that Doug Jones was a superior candidate, but Roy Moore was a damaged one, and they placed the voters in Alabama in a moral dilemma.

Someone should have seen this coming in the Republican Party but not enough was done early enough to be able to take any significant action.

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