The COVID-19 pandemic has made collateral damage to almost everyone, and what Communist China has recently brought back is literally a pain in the ass.

The new method of swab testing of China has been previously stopped by the US and Japan for being undignified and for causing psychological distress as the Chinese government has given the Biden administration officials anal COVID swab tests upon arriving in China.

But now it’s back just in time for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Sun reported:

CHINA has brought back its “undignified” anal Covid swabs just two weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin.

The Communist regime claims the virus test — which involves inserting a 5cm long saline-soaked swab up a patient’s bum and rotating it — is more accurate than other on-the-spot virus tests.

Chinese newspaper The Beijing News said at least 27 people underwent the anal swab tests at an apartment building in Beijing where a 26-year-old woman had caught Omicron — the city’s first recorded case of the variant.

The invasive anal tests involve inserting a sterile cotton swab into the rectum and rotating it several times.

The swab is removed and analyzed in a lab.

INSIDER reported:

Beijing is doing anal swabs on a small segment of its population to detect Omicron cases.

27 people were swabbed this week in the procedure, which involves a cotton bud being inserted close to two inches into the rectum.

Beijing this week locked down buildings and tightened COVID-19 restrictions over one Omicron case.

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Swab testing has never been this shameful especially when are have a bad stomach.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Sun, INSIDER

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