The horror continues after her war freak ex-girlfriend bonded out, she broke back in and this time, she burned all his stuff in the bathtub.

23-year-old Illinois man Corey Van Gorden stood by and watched as his ex-girlfriend went on a rampage throughout his house and caused untold amounts of damage. It was believed that the outburst was triggered by the break-up.

After the post went viral in Tiktok, some people wondered why Corey didn’t put down the camera and chokeslam his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend through a wall, after all, she’s technically an intruder, and she’s destroying his property!

Well, Corey is clearly playing chess, not checkers. If this young lady is fresh out of prison she’s probably on some kind of parole. She’s going straight back to jail as soon as police get wind of this tape. Not to mention – she’s got a hammer! Who knows what she would’ve done if Corey got physical with her. Other than that, hopefully, the home insurance pays out.

Then, Corey’s sister Holly posted the whole episode on TikTok, claiming they had to call the police six times before she was arrested. After that, they claim, she bonded out of jail, broke back into the Watseka home, and burned all his stuff in the bathtub, before flooding the basement.

Watch it here: Tiktok/Video

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