When This Pervert Heard His Sentence, He Fainted And Hit His Head On The Floor!

A man in Warwick city in Rhode Island was sentenced to over two centuries in prison for molesting children, filming pornographic videos of his acts, possessing pictures of child pornography, and even uploading some of them online, the Providence Journal reports.

The case came to the court of a federal judge who pronounced a fitting sentence for such crimes. The judge was reading out the sentence when Thomas Goodman, the 45-year-old molester fainted and was helped back to his feet. The gravity of the situation appeared to have dawned on the molester.

Thomas Goodman

Warwick had been violently molesting two young girls for years. When the police seized his phone, they found a number of videos chronicling his abuses based on which he was sentenced. Goodman himself had been molested as a child but the judge, while acknowledging this fact, felt that his immediate concern was to protect others immediately who may come into contact with the criminal.  US District Court Judge John J. McConnell said he needed to ensure the victims would never again be abused at the hands of Goodman. He also commented, “The level of depravity is beyond comprehension.”

Prosecutor Lee Vilker noted that the 45-year-old Goodman, who lives in Warwick, had left his victims “permanently scarred.”

The pedophile molested the 6-year-old victims for six years. The children are now 16.

He also filmed himself sexually abusing an infant girl starting when she was just 3 weeks old until she was 18 months.

Goodman said in court that he had “no excuse’’ for his heinous crimes.

He was caught when his bosses took his cellphone away because he was caught using it at work and they found some of the horrific images on it. Goodman worked at Electric Boat, a submarine manufacturer.

Goodman passed out in court after hearing the judge sentence him in prison for 260 years, after pleading guilty to repeatedly sexually abusing a 3-week-old baby and a pair of 6-year-old girls.

McConnell said, “The only way I can do that is to be sure you never get out of prison again,”

“I have no assurances you will stop,” he added.

U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell handed down a punishment 160 years longer than they had sought. He explained that it was his duty as a justice to ensure that Goodman doesn’t hurt a child ever again. Even the prosecution was surprised by the sentence, having requested just 100 years for Goodman.

Prosecutor Lee Vilker, who was pleasantly surprised by the judge’s sentencing, described Goodman’s case as “by far the worst” he has ever seen. He explained that the victims will be dealing with the trauma of their abuse for the rest of their lives.

Vilker said of the now 16-year-old girls, “The harm he caused them they’ll never get past, He abused them for years since they were little girls.”

After recovering from the shock of his unfulfillable prison sentence, Goodman read out a short statement. In his own words, he whispered that he has “no excuse” for his heinous acts. Unfortunately for him, the judge took no pity upon him.

With story after story reporting outrageously lenient sentences for child abusers like Goodman, it’s refreshing to see a judge finally take justice and the safety of children seriously. Now, Goodman’s only concern is how long he will survive his 260-year sentence, as even prisoners don’t take too kindly to pedophiles.

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