What This Woman Says She Mailed Brett Kavanaugh Is Beyond Sickening!

For fifty years, Democrats spent convincing menstruating persons that their right to abort children was more important than anything else.

Now, with Roe v. Wade overturned, some states are limiting when you can abort a child and not everyone is taking it well. Some are screaming. Others are threatening not to have sex with ejaculating persons.

And to add to the list of outraged liberals is a young woman who was so upset that she posted a video to TikTok claiming she mailed her period blood to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The video was reposted by Libs of TikTok.

The woman opens the video by saying:

“You know what’s funny? Is you all thought I was kidding.” She shows a statement that says, “Is this a “life” you’re saving?”

A yellow sticky note affixed to a plastic bag containing the alleged period blood is stuffed into a letter-sized envelope with four stamps on it addressed to Kavanaugh using the Supreme Court’s street address in Washington, D.C., and is dropped in a mailbox that has graffiti on it.

The video has interspersed clips of the message “FU…USA.” The brief video ends with the woman saying, “I’m a f***ing patriot.”

The woman posted a follow-up video encouraging others to mail their period blood to the Supreme Court:

“I just feel like the way that we’ve protested in the past has not worked very well. Now, I’m not advocating for burning down buildings. I’m not not advocating for it. But trauma and destruction’s kinda the thing that I love. So, um, if you guys wanna join me in mailing blood from your uterus to the Supreme Court, I already took the f***ing bullet and did it first, so you know, let’s do it! C’mon! You guys don’t want to keep that s*** in your house! Just mail it! It’s going in the trash anyway.”

The thought process here fascinates me. I get this was done for TikTok likes from other mental cases. But say the envelope makes it all the way to the Supreme Court. Does she think it’s going to get to Brett Kavanaugh?

Anything including postcards offering a discount on his cable passage is going through eleventy different security checkpoints. After another pro-abortion advocate threatened to assassinate him, it’s to be expected.

However, if it does there’s a good chance the woman has committed several criminal offenses regarding the mail and targeting a Supreme Court justice with bodily fluids, but with the Biden Justice Department in charge odds are slim she’ll be investigated let alone charged.

TGP posted some updates on the sick woman mailing her bodily fluids to Supreme Court:

UPDATE: The poster of the videos says she has limited comments on them on TikTok and posted that she was blocked on Twitter by Libs of TikTok:

“Aw a crazy liberal woman scares you? @libsoftiktok. Talk shit all you want but don’t hide like a little bitch…I’m limiting comments on TikTok to avoid having other women, in my comments who support me, Be harassed on my page because that has started happening. @libsoftiktok you should really actually tag me next time tho thx”

The woman, Tate Morgan, says on her Twitter about she is a comedian and “Most of what I say is satire.” She has not said on Twitter that the period blood video is satire.

And because posting TMI is so common these days, Morgan informed the world a month ago of the start of her period, which should help investigators tie the recent mailing to her current cycle.

Source: TheGatewayPundit