Given the tremendous increase in population and the near-record proportion of illegal aliens, Americans are still demanding answers from Biden administration officials.

Since Biden took office, the situation at the Southern Border has gotten increasingly worse and has gotten worse yet in recent months.

The Senate Democrats, Joe Biden, and the purported Border Czar Kamala Harris have all miraculously disappeared from the first-hand accounts of the events at the US-Mexico border.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, however, has been to the Rio Grande Valley and has personally experienced the horrible tragedies brought on by President Biden’s lax border enforcement measures.

On Friday morning, July 15, Cruz tweeted a heartbreaking video that showed him in the dead of night in the Rio Grande Valley near the U.S./Mexico border— where he carried on about illegal immigration and human trafficking. He reveals the harsh reality of the border and the reason why illegal immigrants–including young children–have been wearing colored wristbands as they cross.

“This is not humane,” Cruz said. “What monster would allow policies that result in seven-year-old girls being handed over to human traffickers?…. This is wrong, and we can’t keep ignoring it.”

Children as young as five and six are being sent fully unattended across the border and given to coyotes, human traffickers, and the cartel. Like many illegals, they receive wristbands that represent their level of cartel debt.

The video shows Cruz holding up a fistful of the tattered scraps, he said, “Down by the river, in just a few minutes, these are the wristbands I found, a white wristband, blue wristband, white, a pink and a yellow,”

 “Look at the yellow wristband that obviously was around the arm of a child, a young child,” the senator continued pertaining to the tiny band.

As they attempt to cross, women and children are subjected to the most heinous treatment imaginable, including being raped, slain, and exposed.

Teenage girls are condemned to a fate of human trafficking and sex slavery when they arrive, while teenage boys are sold into gangs in cities across the country.

As they are being transported across Biden’s open border, these illegal immigrants are losing their lives, dignity, and humanity.

“Where are the Democrat senators? They’re not here because you can’t look at the dead bodies of the children being assaulted, at the chaos — you can’t look at it and defend it,”Cruz said.

“This is not compassion. This is not humane. This is barbaric. And Joe Biden could stop it. We’re a year and a half into the Biden presidency and Joe Biden cannot be bothered to drag his ass down here to the border. Kamala Harris cannot be bothered – she’s supposedly the border czar – to come to the Rio Grande Valley. They can’t even look at the lives they are destroying. This chaos is horrific. It’s wrong,” The senator continued.

More effective border controls would reduce illegal immigration. There are fewer opportunities to attempt to cross, and there are also fewer victims of human trafficking.

Strong border security not only benefits Americans and secures our country, but also protects the lives of potential migrants. Unthinkable humanitarian calamity at our border has been brought on by Joe Biden. Democrats are also unconcerned. They don’t even acknowledge it.

Watch it here: Rumble/Mr. Producer Media

Sources: Westernjournal, Thegatewaypundit, Ijr



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