Watch: George W. Bush Delivers Surprise ‘Powerful Message of Hope’ To Flood Victims. Obama… Not So Much

George W. Bush was attacked almost daily when he was president and as is common in American politics, he is now revered.

Heck even Bill Clinton was able to raise his stature with a few years out of the limelight.

America likes our politicians retired… take the hint Obama.

If you keep running your mouth Barack and keep trying to hog the spotlight you will never get your reputation back.

Even Nixon got some of it back in the end but you have to let the next guy do his job and if you must speak you must do as George W. Bush just did.

Speak eloquently, as a surprise, to lift spirits when we need it most.

That is the job of ex-presidents, bring us together not farther apart.

Please learn from the guy who went before you.

According to IJR, former President George W. Bush made a surprise visit to Southern Methodist University football team yesterday to deliver powerful message of hope.

“I know there’s some people from Houston here, and the Houston area, and I know you’re going through a really tough time,” Bush said. “Just know that there’ll be a lot of people that are going to help the people down there — a lot.”

The former commander in chief and son of Texas – he still lives in Dallas and still has his ranch in Crawford – was just getting started teaching Obama a lesson.

“Right now they’re recovering. So the key thing on the recovery is to keep people safe, and then it’s going to be rebuilding. And if you’re from that area, you’ll be amazed at the people who come down there to help. All kinds of people. And so the days are dark now, but they’re going to get better.”