Welfare Queen Attacks Man In Store Just For Being White–VIDEO

During his eight years in office, Obama did everything that he could to stoke the fires of racism.

You can go ahead and think that there isn’t a problem between people in the United States that hasn’t been manufactured by people in power.

 But what many people fail to realize, or perhaps more accurately, fail to acknowledge, is that racism towards white people does in fact exist.

White people oftentimes aren’t allowed to have problems. Our “white privilege” prevents us from fully appreciating the suffering of others, and is to blame for our narrow-minded and superior attitudes. Pardon my french, but I think that’s bullshit.

Sure, I suppose you could call what I’m talking about “reverse racism,” but really any type of prejudice or discrimination towards any person based on their ethnicity or skin color is just blatant racism.

Many people of color claim that white people are treated better than them, and I have no doubt that there are certain cases in which this is true. However, the opposite is just as correct.

For instance, I recently read a post where the writer argued that when a person of color moves into a white neighborhood, they are instantly scrutinized, as their neighbors make snap judgments about their integrity. But if a white person were to relocate to a predominately black, or hispanic part of town, they would be looked at with just as much suspicion, and treated just as differently.

But the issue reaches far beyond mere perception, and extends into the realm of double standards. Take for example, the Miss USA pageant.

The 2014 winner, Nia Sanchez, happened to be a Latina woman. After her crowning, the internet promptly exploded with messages of pride from the Latina community. Identical to the way in which the Indian population reacted when Nina Davuluri won Miss America 2014.

The problem here is if you took some of these perfectly acceptable messages, and replaced either the words “Latina” or “Indian” with the word “white,” they somehow transform into unacceptable racism. For instance, where it is seen as representing your ethnicity to tweet “So happy a Latina woman won Miss USA this year!” It’s simply seen as bigoted to use the same platform to say “Wow, I’m so thankful a white woman took home the crown!”

Furthermore, a “Miss Black America” contest is held every single year in the United States.

If a similar pageant was organized exclusively for white women, protesters would be crying out for justice and claiming that society was moving backwards.