VIDEO: This Is Why It ALWAYS Pays To Keep The Camera Rolling. What You Capture Might Make You Blush

VIA| As you know, being a news anchor is not an easy job. You need to always be ready for live TV and remain professional at all costs.

When things go wrong on TV news, like wardrobe malfunctions and on-screen typos, you need to watch how these news reporters handled it.

Whether the anchor gets tongue tied with a complicated weather stick report or the storm formation makes a shocking appearance on screen as something offensive, some of the fails in this video don’t even get noticed till after they’ve gone on the air.

The hilarious fails featured in this blooper reel include funny news bloopers ripe with sexually suggestive innuendo, undeniable wardrobe malfunctions and obscene weather maps images.

After you watch just a few minutes of this fail video compilation, you’ll be surprised at how many reporters accidentally say extremely suggestive things live on the air.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Do you have a favorite video fail segment in this video?

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