VIDEO: Obama Thought The Cameras Were Off. Cue The Hypocrisy!

I remember years ago when the heads of the Big 3 auto makers in the United States came running to the government, hat in hand for a bailout they were brought before a Congressional committee and were getting grilled pretty hard about one particular thing.

You see, this group of people who came down to Washington to panhandle for money got grilled up one side and down the other for flying down from Detroit in a private jet that likely cost each of them millions of dollars. It seems that our previous chief executive is cut from that same cloth.

According to newest reports, Obama was paid a stunning amount of $3.26 million to hold his speech at the conference.His speech consisted of lecturing the world about how important it is for all of us to make sacrifices for the environment, and that went well. However, behind the scenes, Obama made it perfectly clear to everyone that he himself has no intentions of making the same sacrifices he held a speech for.

Reports claim that Barack flew to Italy on a gas-guzzling private jet, and once he arrived there, the former president had a 14 car convoy to get into the city of Milan, including protection from above with a helicopter.

Some of the equipment these vehicles contained was multiple police cars, SUVs and sedans, as well as a couple of motorcycles.
So anyone in their right mind would make the conclusion that Barack has no REAL intention of actually making sacrifices for the better of our environment that he demands so badly of us.