Unhinged Liberal Mobs Marching Demanding YOU Give Black Families YOUR HOME! [VIDEO]

There is something to say about the fact that people are willing to work for the good things that they have in their life.

For example, I spent a good number of years on the short side of the paycheck and had to work pretty hard to get to where I am. I’ve been “grocery shopping at the dollar store” broke on many a week.

Now, I am doing pretty good and am able to afford a pretty damn fine house. The idea that someone thinks that I should give this house to anyone else is so ignorant because to assume I have had everything great because I happen to be white is pretty stupid.

I’ve always said that the left calling themselves ‘Progressives’ was the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I could give you a thousand reasons why being a proponent of a failed ideology which is responsible for the senseless slaughter of tens, if not, hundreds of millions is regressive, but there is a video that was posted online today that sums it up better than anything I have ever seen.

The BLM mobs are literally storming the streets of the neighborhoods surrounding Seattle and demanding the ‘white people’ living in ‘historically black neighborhoods’ give their houses to ‘black people.’ It’s the most bizarre and disconcerting video I have seen in some time. The sense of entitlement, victimhood and lack of understanding of how society and economics function is enough to make one physically ill.

I’m sure you have run into people who are mad over ‘gentrification’ and try to tell you that it’s a dirty word. Gentrification is merely progress. People buy up property in lower income and less valuable areas, invest their money to make the neighborhood nicer, increasing the values of all the properties around them (presumably owned and/or occupied by minorities) in the hopes that their risk taking will result in them making a profit.

How one can call themselves a ‘progressive’ and be against gentrification is beyond me. The lack of understanding of the economics of the situation reminds me of the Luddites railing against machinery during the Industrial Revolution.

The fact of the matter is gentrification is part of the American Dream. Those who were smart enough to save up and buy the property in the hood, at the incredibly reduced rates it was available for before the city expanded, end up seeing big increases in equity and sell for a profit, and move to the suburbs or develop their land and now live in a nicer, and likely safer neighborhood. It would stand to reason that more minorities would benefit from the gentrification of minority neighborhoods.

With the way home loans are these days, and how little you have to put down, specially for low income families, most people who can afford to rent, are likely able to afford to buy. Yes, saving money requires some sacrifice in the short term, but delayed gratification is the cost of financial success, or success in anything really. The idea that a neighborhood being fixed up and nicer homes being built on the street is a bad thing is literally anti-progress and anti-American.

The left thinks that the economy is a zero sum game, if one person makes money, it must have come from someone else’s pocket. This lack of understanding of the very fundamentals of economics is down right dangerous.

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