Twitter Just Accused ELON MUSK Of Breaking NDA Agreement!

Last month, Elon Musk announced the purchase of Twitter for 44 billion dollars. The billionaire stated that he would ensure freedom of speech on social media and would fight spam and false accounts. Musk halted the transaction last week after discovering false Twitter traffic data. The platform was immediately delisted from the stock exchange.

The billionaire stated that determining the exact proportion of bots or fake accounts among the 229 million daily Twitter users was necessary. The allegations put him under a financial strain, and Twitter accused him of breaking the agreement by revealing all potentially sensitive information.

Teslas CEO revealed that the system that the platform uses to identify fake users inhabiting the social network isn’t very reliable.

Musk has been accused of leveraging price changes to promote or defend cryptocurrencies, and it is now thought that he is utilizing the social network to save costs. His most recent step is to emphasize that at least 90% of the social network’s active users are bots or fake accounts. This takes your attention away from the platform. If Musk is correct, Twitter will increasingly become a platform for advertising and mothering rather than a platform for freedom of expression.

Musk used the fact that the most popular tweet on the site garnered less than 2% of daily active users’ likes to defend the idea of an inflated share of bots on the network. Elon Musk, according to Wall Street analysts, wants a change in the social network’s standard, which could be substantially lower than the previously projected 44 billion dollars. The lower the price of Twitter shares, the better Musk’s bargaining stance, as he can claim that the social networks are more affordable.

The billionaire threw the algorithm off a Tuesday and manipulated the users. Jack Dorsey, the creator of the social network, answered him explaining how the Twitter group works.

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