Trump Just Signaled That A Huge Corruption Scandal About To Be Exposed: “You’ll Be Surprised At The Names of People Involved In The Corruption”

Opinion| Last night, President Trump joined Fox News’ Judge Jeanine for a lengthy telephone interview.  

They discussed a wide range of topics – immigration and border control, trade negotiations, the expected legislative intransigence by democrats and the Dems use of their House committee chairmanships to conduct endless investigations in coordination with special counsel Mueller’s team.  They also discussed the recent hit piece by the NY Times.

The important takeaway from this surprisingly upbeat 21-minute interview is that is appears that President Trump feels he has weathered the Russian collusion storm created by Obama’s politically weaponized CIA-DOJ-FBI team of scoundrels.

Here’s the full interview:

Now, here’s the most important thing the president said:

“You’ll be surprised at the names of people involved in the corruption.  “Names you haven’t heard yet.”

You’ll remember that during his presidential campaign, candidate Donald J. Trump promised to drain the swamp.  He even identified the targets by category, not by name:

Whether you understood at the time what that meant is immaterial.  Candidate Trump likely did but he took on the task anyway.

By now, anyone paying attention has to acknowledge that was going to be a Herculean task with tens of thousands of federal appointees, state governments feeding from the federal trough, federal bureaucrats, foreign governments, multinational corporations and international bankers  desperate to cling to the taxpayer-funded government tit they had purchased through corrupt politicians.

With trillions of dollars in downstream money at stake the resistance to Trump would be fierce and it would come from every corner of the swamp.

Yet, facing all of this, Trump not only survived, he endured.  Rather than immediately move to declassify and blow up the entire scheme, he allowed the corrupt agents of the DOJ and FBI, as well as corrupt politicians to protect the Mueller investigation, and in the process, to suck in dozens (if not hundreds) of additional co-conspirators.

It takes an innocent person possessing a steel spine to withstand the coordinated attacks from the mainstream propaganda media that this president has withstood.  Trump was up to it while, at the same time, running the most consequential and beneficial administration since George Washington.

For those following the Mueller investigation closely, you know that it has become little more than a pyramid of lies.

When it comes to proving that Trump colluded with Russia, the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and Mueller (the team) have failed miserably.  How miserably? Think about.

For Trump to have colluded with Russia in any meaningful way – enough to change vote totals – would necessarily have required a complex network with Trump having provided Russians – undetectable to the Obama administration – with direct access to polling places.

Yet, here we are more than two years later and the FBI and Team Mueller have failed to produce a single shred of evidence of Trump’s campaign coordinating with Russians (strategy meetings, secret drops, encoded messages or phone calls).  

Not a single shred of evidence.  Nothing from the NSA database that captures every phone conversation, email, text message, etc that everyone sends and receives, either.

Logic tells us that an endeavor to alter vote totals in any meaningful way in our decentralized system would necessarily require thousands of people.  In fact when he was president, Obama told us that.

How did Trump manage this collusion?  With telepathy?

So why do close to half of the American people (more than 60% of Democrats) believe that the Russians actually did alter the outcome of the election, at least in part?

Trump calls it Fake News but is has a very real effect on voters.  

Regardless, Trump does what Trump always does, he soldiered on employing a tried and true negotiating tactic.  

(H/T) Conservative Treehouse for the coming analysis:

Knowing he is dealing with cheats, scoundrels, criminals and liars; he chose to intentionally give them a path toward their goal because he has learned that approach cuts off their ability to take a direction he otherwise may not be able to identify.

In essence, perhaps President Trump knows all of these elements are aligned against him and seek his removal…. So he intentionally accepts their false words as true as a strategy to hold them accountable to the honorable intent (the lie) they falsely present; while knowing all of their effort will be to seek his removal.

How this will all eventually work out is still undetermined.

The funny thing is… Donald Trump has this uncanny, some will say divinely protected, capability to walk into an absolute shitstorm and come out completely unharmed.

Come into my den said the spider to the fly.

In this manner, and only in this manner, can the denizens of the Deep State – Deep Swamp – be induced to show themselves in greater numbers.  

The fewer left behind when the sledgehammer of declassification is wielded, the closer to cleaning up the mess that Americans have been forced to deal with.

President Trump now holds all of the cards.  He has all of the text messages, all of the emails, the FISA applications based on a political document paid for by his opponent, etc.

And, rather than empty his magazine, like the heroes of Benghazi, he waits until they all come out of the dark so that he can unload on all of them.

“You’ll be surprised at the names of people involved in the corruption.  “Names you haven’t heard yet.”

Trump to Judge Jeanine:

“There’s a lot of corruption.  And, we’re exposing it. I’m going to put that down, someday, as one of my greatest achievements.”