Trump Group Just Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is In BIG WAY….

Former President Donald Trump’s political committee is making its first major donation to help boost one of his endorsed candidates.

Trump’s group, Save America PAC, made a $500,000 donation to Get Georgia Right PAC, which is seeking to defeat Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Trump is backing former Senator David Perdue in his primary challenge against Kemp.

The check is Trump’s first major donation in this year’s national midterm elections, as Politico first reported, and it could be only the beginning of Trump’s expenditures in the Georgia governor’s race. Trump’s Save America PAC has amassed more than $110 million.

Save America is due to file its March financial report on April 20, although the committee had $110 million in cash on hand at the end of February. The PAC has made direct contributions to some of Trump’s preferred candidates, but federal and state rules limit how much the PAC may give to such politicians.

Recently, Taylor Budowich, Trump’s spokesperson said in a statement, “President Trump is committed to supporting his endorsed candidates across the nation, but we won’t be telegraphing our efforts to the media.”

Newsmax report added:

Four years ago, Trump and Kemp were apparently on good terms. During his initial bid for governor in the spring of 2018, Kemp even identified as a pro-Trump, America First candidate.

However, things soured after that between the politicians, especially when Kemp rejected the Trump campaign’s request to call a legislative special session to review Georgia’s results in the 2020 presidential election — thus angering Trump, the nation’s 45th commander-in-chief.

President Joe Biden (49.5% of the vote) defeated Trump in Georgia’s 2020 presidential race by a razor-thin margin of 0.2%.

Real Clear Politics reported:

Gov. Kemp leads Perdue in five different primary polls, with an average advantage of 9.4 percentage points.

RCP tracking polls also have the eventual winner of Perdue vs. Kemp leading Democrat Stacey Abrams in hypothetical general election polls.

In a recent radio interview, Trump admitted that it’ll be tough unseat Kemp.

“It’s always hard to beat a sitting governor, It’s very hard to beat, because [incumbents] have a lot of money behind them. You know, everybody is giving them money.”

“But we will see what happens.”

Kemp and allied groups have spent or reserved $11.4 million worth of TV ads in Georgia compared to just $2.7 million for the pro-Perdue effort, as cited by Politico according to AdImpact.

At a recent rally in Commerce, Ga., Trump called Kemp a “coward.”

“Brian Kemp is a turncoat; he’s a coward,”

“a complete and total disaster.”

“Eight months from now the people of Georgia going to vote to fire radical Democrats and are going elect a friend of mine and a great man — great senator and a great man — David Perdue as your governor,”

“We need him. We need him badly.

Trump continued:

Before we can defeat the Democrats, socialists, and communists, which is exactly what we’re running against at the ballot boxes next fall, we first have to defeat the RINOs, sellouts, and the losers in the primaries this spring. We have a big primary coming up right here in your state. We’re going to throw out a very, very sad situation that took place here: RINO Gov. Brian Kemp.”

“And we’re going to replace him with a very strong person and a fearless fighter and somebody that frankly got screwed in the last election; David Perdue never lost in his life.”

Sources: Conservativebrief, Newsmax, Politico