In every high school, there’s a certain category of kids that you don’t mess with. They’re the silent psychos; good at math, bad at socializing. Let me clarify, they’re not bad at socializing, they just refuse to do it.

You see, high schoolers are like puppies. If they aren’t properly socialized they’ll end up lashing out and worst making a kill list to be completed at a later date.

Just like this teenage student in Hempfield School District throwing a tantrum like a little baby. The aggressive student named Logan got angry in class and started throwing chairs and threatening violence.

In fact, as you can see in the video below, Logan smashes the computer, flips the desk, and throws papers. However, one student has had enough of this tantrum-throwing baby so he decided to stand up and own him!

The only thing that took away from his meltdown was his getting owned by Corby. On other hand, the teacher, who is wearing a suit, does not know how to handle the violent student.

Corby approaches Logan from behind and grabs the violent student in a bear hug from the rear and lifts him up. Then as Logan squeals, the student lifts him out of the classroom and out the door. Meanwhile, the other students start laughing and guffawing at what they just watched happen in their class.

According to AWM, the reason the teacher did not act was that he knew the other students had their phones out and were recording Logan as he rampaged. If the teacher had done what the other student, Corby, did, he would definitely lose his job.

Folks online shared their reactions in the comment section of the viral video: 

“His name is Logan, won’t say his last name for privacy reasons. He goes to Hempfield School District. He was in 10th grade at the filming of this video, pretty sure it was in entrepreneurship class. He was in my gym class in 9th grade, he would constantly cuss out sugar ray, he has anger issues. The kid that stopped him is Corby. Same grade. And he wasn’t punished for this if anyone was wondering.”

“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Eat a Snickers… or six.”

“I always wondered, what happens to people after they do stuff like that?”

“When the teacher takes your computer away.”

“When you have to wake up on Mondays.”

Watch the video below:


Source: AWM

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