This Nasty Brawl On A Southwest Flight Almost Brought The Whole Plane Down…

A disturbing incident took place aboard a Southwest Airlines plane flying from Dallas to Phoenix on March 6th. The passengers on the plane witnessed a brawl between two men, which quickly spiraled out of control.

According to Fox News, a man in a sports jacket accused a tattooed passenger of bumping into his wife and immediately began assaulting him. A female passenger recorded two separate videos of the incident. She told Fox News that the man in the sports jacket hit the tattooed passenger “four or five” times before she began recording.

The first video showed the man in the sports jacket placing the tattooed passenger in a headlock and calling him a “p***y.” Fellow passengers briefly managed to break up the assault. However, the man in the sports jacket then struck the other individual in the face while other passengers screamed “do not hit him again.”

In the second video, the assailant was seen explaining his side of the story to everyone else on the plane. He then turned to the tattooed man and said “he will sit down in jail for you approaching my family” and “I will die for my family.” “So that’s why I beat your ass!,” he continued.

Although both men were taken off the plane, the Dallas Police Department stated that no arrests were made. Southwest Airlines said the flight arrived in Phoenix on time, and a spokesperson for the airline praised the crew for their management of the situation.

It is a shame that the incident took place in the first place. It is always disturbing to see passengers fighting onboard a plane, especially when they become violent. The crew must always ensure the safety of everyone on the plane while also trying to manage the situation and maintaining the comfort of other passengers. We commend the crew for handling the situation professionally.

However, it is essential to remember that violence is never the answer. Although the man in the sports jacket may have felt that he needed to defend his family, assaulting another passenger is not the solution. We must always remember to be respectful to others and to try and resolve any issues peacefully.

The incident highlights the need for airlines to continue to enforce their zero-tolerance policies for violence and aggression on planes. Passengers must be held accountable for their behavior, and airlines must do their best to ensure that everyone on the plane is safe and comfortable.

WATCH the video below:

We hope that incidents like these will not occur in the future and that passengers will always remember to treat each other with respect and kindness.

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