This May Be The Most Shocking Doorbell Video You Will Ever See In Your Life…

If you are a parent, you’ll definitely understand this struggle. Parents take a lot of time and consideration in planning the birth of their children.

Not only do they have to get the nursery ready, throw a baby shower, and buy all the things the baby will need, but they also have to figure out where they’re going to give birth.

Some people choose to give birth at hospitals, some people choose to give birth at home or at birthing centers.

However, no one ever plans to give birth while standing in a parking lot. NO ONE. But that’s exactly where Susan Anderson of Coral Springs, Florida ended up giving birth.

“During the car ride to the birth center, I turned to my husband, and I was like, ‘I need to push!” she told the local outlet. “By the time we got to the first step, the head was coming.”

Susan was on her way into the Natural Birth Works with her husband Joseph Anderson when her baby made her arrival in the parking lot.

This surprise delivery was caught on camera in the parking lot near Natural Birth Works which is located in Coral Springs, Florida.

The CCTV footage from shows Joseph and two police officers watching as the newborn slipped through one of the legs in her mom’s shorts and was quickly caught by midwife Sandra Lovaina.

When Susan was asked about her experience she said it all happened really fast.

“During the car ride to the birth center, I turned to my husband, and I was like, ‘I need to push!” Susan said, adding “I didn’t think I wouldn’t make it into the building.”

Susan, who delivered her first daughter at the center, had planned a water birth and was hurrying to try and reach the pool.

“By the time we got to the first step the head was coming. That was my focus, just getting inside to the birthing tub, but she had other ideas,” Susan said. 

The video shows that Anderson bent over with her husband by her side and Lovaina kneeling behind her.

“I asked her, ‘Are you okay to walk?’ and she said, ‘Yes,”’ Lovaina said. “The baby was already making its way and she was like, ‘uh-oh’ [but] she was in control of the entire situation.”

The police officers almost get involved in the incident. Thankfully, they listen to Sandra Lovaina (above) when she tells them to keep their distance because Anderson was in the middle of childbirth and needed a professional to help.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, I’m a midwife, she’s going to have a baby,” Lovaina said. The cops respond with laughter as they enjoy Anderson’s terrifying predicament.

The baby was then placed into the arms of the mother as she started to cry.

During an interview with the local press, Lovaina, the midwife, said that she had been involved in some crazy deliveries before, however, this one was new. She explained, “Not in the parking lot. Babies sometimes come really quick. You just gotta be, you gotta be quick. Put your gloves on, just go.”

Gelena Hinkley, the owner of Natural Birth Works, who is also a midwife, said that the birth of little Julia is very special and memorable, said:

“She had been our client before. We’ve done her other delivery, and round two was just a lot faster. No one was expecting it to be that fast.”

Source: AWM