Kleenex should sponsor this sham hearing… Just WOW!

The theatrics level I’m seeing in this hearing is beyond the maximum level.

What’s happening in Capitol Hill today is a real “blubber-fest,” as the January 6th sham hearing kicks off.

Now everyone is crying to make sure they will have a GREAT SHOW for the American people.

What a bunch of hypocrites…

In fact, their emotional breakdown lasted for 3 hours from Capitol Police officers to sitting congressmen (and probably members of the media). But it’s all for the show…

You know what an unnamed Trump supporter and Ashli’s family and friends are the only people who should be crying right now…Not a bunch of spoiled rich political elites who are sad that their staplers were stolen.

Adam’s Schiff’s crying speech was a real doozy, well, speaking of theatrical frauds.

“If we deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way rather than trying to do better the next time, then God help us,” According to him.

It sucks that this kind of person doesn’t have any shame and even no soul.

And Schiff?  He’s the same man who spent 4-years-straight telling us Russia stole the election.

Here are some of the folks comment online:

“They need to start an award show for politicians like the Emmy’s for Hollywood.
Nobody would watch it like the Hollywood version, but Schiff would take the trophy for “Best Grab your Ankles and Bend Over as Far as You can for Your Party Performance” Either that or “Biggest Liar on the Russian Hoax”

“Hey schitthead, you want something to cry about? Just wait until we take this country back from you treasonous communists.”

“Adam Schiff’s ‘performance’ wreaks of sanctimonious, self righteous trash. God help US, because we’re still stuck with this feckless liar.”

“What a joke this is” 

“Soviet-style show trial underway.”

“he says if we don’t do a transfer of power, you mean like what you a$$hats did to Trump and all of his supporters. God the demonrats are disgusting.”

“They really are using the Nazi’s playbook.”

“And who killed the unarmed protector of freedom, Ashlii Babbitt? Hmmmm? Was it Nancy Pelosi? Was it Chuck Schumer? Was it Liz Cheney? Was it the only person in the Capitol that day with a gun? I think it was all of the above.”

Being called hypocrites, or reversing course, the Dems don’t care about it.

They look at every situation individually, and as an opportunity to advance their causes.

To Adam, it doesn’t matter that he spent 4 years calling 2016 a fraud. That was then – an old battle – this is now, and it’s a new one.

See how they operate? Honestly, the right needs to be more like this, because it works…and if we don’t start matching these commies toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow, we’re going to get completely steamrolled and have no country left.

Sources: WayneDupree, NBCNews

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