In the swampy streets of Washington, D.C., Daily Caller reporters Caity McDuffee and Lisa Bennatan asked Biden supporters if they could name one good thing his administration has done thus far.

As you can expect, laughter ensued.

You won’t be surprised to learn that no one can think of anything “positive” Biden has done…

Can you blame them, though?

He hasn’t done anything beneficial for anyone, so these ding-a-lings are correct about something for once.

Ironically, the vaccine was the only thing these knuckleheads could come up with for Biden, which is, of course, all due to President Trump.


These videos are usually entertaining to watch, but they may also be frightening. It’s terrible to see how ignorant and illiterate so many of our fellow citizens are.

“He’s taking mask-wearing seriously” is this it?

“I think he’s done a good job so far”

“Like what, what has he done that you like?”

“I really haven’t been paying attention”……..just like Biden.

Demonstrating the Democrats’ hypocrisy!

These individuals had no notion why they disliked Trump, and now they don’t know what makes Joe Biden “good.”

It’s a little concerning that none of their comments are genuine thoughts, but rather what comes to mind based on their Facebook page and CNN. They believe Biden is “doing a good job.” but can’t think of a single example to back up their claims.

If this is the future generation of people who will vote and maybe control the country, we’re in a lot more trouble than we are now, which is bad enough.

I’m beginning to believe that before we can vote, we should all pass a basic civics test.

Consider how much better our government would be if we had it in place.

Watch it here: Youtube/Daily Caller


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