These “Refugees” Stole From A Grocery Store…What They Did After Is Even Worse!

People don’t seem to understand that someone can say that they are peaceful all they want but ultimately it is their deeds that prove it.

Face it there are people that come to this country with the sole notion of taking advantage of the system.

This video shows just how shameless and entitled Muslim refugees have become in America.

Muslims are livid whenever anyone says burqas and veils should be banned.

Followers of Islam argue that these head covers are used only for religious purposes, but this footage proves that they can easily be used for criminal purposes as well.

Watch as Muslim women use their veils to shamelessly shoplift from a supermarket in Lincoln Park, Michigan, outside of Dearborn.

The women are easily able to get away with it, since they have large veils to hide goods in. They could hide almost anything in there from stolen items, to guns, to a bomb.

The women, all of whom are immigrants, and one of whom is a “refugee” from Syria, were later apprehended by police.

Their names have for some reason not been released, But after their shoplifting, they did something even worse.

Two of the women then sold their EBT cards for cash just 2 blocks away from the store.