I always feel there is something wrong with Moderna, aside from the severity of side effects we get from their vaccines – the people running it has some dark secrets.

This is the first time that the founders of the Moderna vaccine together with an early investor made it to Forbes’s top 400 wealthiest Americans list.

Timothy Springer is an early investor and Harvard School Professor made the list with an estimated net worth of 4.4 billion.

While Moderna’s co-founder and chairman Noubar Afeyan and fellow co-founder and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Robert Lange both made the list with estimated net worths of 3.7 billion and 3.5 billion.

Although it should come as no surprise since there have been more than 152.3 million doses of the vaccine administered so far and that number is expected to continue to climb especially with mandates in effect.

Moderna was the second company to gain approval for emergency use authorization of their vaccine for Covid-19.

The company anticipates that it will make an estimated 19.2 billion in sales of the vaccine. The company’s stock is up 189 percent since January 1 and over 300 percent compared to a year ago. In 2018 the company’s public offering was $22 per share and is now trading at $297.50 per share. The company is valued at more than $120 billion.

The company’s stock did take a hit last week when Merck announced that it’s seeking emergency authorization for an oral antiviral drug that has the potential to treat Covid-19. The drug has shown excellent results in clinical trials. Since the announcement from Merck, Moderna’s stock has fallen 24 percent. The stock also took a hit when Sweden and Denmark announced that they are stopping the use of the Moderna vaccine for young people after discovering a potential adverse reaction that causes myocarditis and pericarditis.

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